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Tod Bullet: What is with the NWA?
by on 2003-10-12

NWA / TNA or not?

The National Wrestling Alliance. The longest running organized body of professional wrestling in history...or is it?

While NWA Total Nonstop Action is enjoying some degree of success, how about the rest of the NWA? I quick look at the NWA web site tells me...maybe not. Let me digress.

On the main page of the site I clicked on to the "President's Notes". It was last updated on December of 2002.
The "Heltz Zone", (a column of sorts), hasn't been updated for close to a year and a "View from the middle" (another column so to speak) was last updated over two years ago. The "Upcoming Events link was last updated in March, 2003.

See the problem yet?

While maybe half of the NWA membership runs somewhat of a regular schedule, the other half seems dormant.

NWA-Over the Top, the promotion of the NWA Vice President, has listed a schedule of "TBA".
NWA-East Coast's web site is not even working.
NWA-Alabama's last card listed was March 14th.
NWA-Tri State (home promotion of NWA President Richard Arpin), last card listed...June 7th. also not working.
NWA-CPW, site last updated December of 2002.
NWA-Bluegrass (an affiliate of Tri State), last card listed, August 5, 2003.

Now here's the best one I found. NWA-Midsouth. You click to what you think will be their home page web site, and you get porn???

For an "organized" body of wrestling, they don't seem very organized. I sent out maybe half a dozen emails to different NWA members to ask how a promotion could become a member or associate member of the National Wrestling Alliance...I received one response. To his credit, it came from NWA-CWF owner Ernie Todd.

While I understand that the NWA's 55th anniversay show is on the weekend that I am writing this column, I have been following the membership schedule for a while and I stand by what I have listed above. There is very little action in the NWA.

* Since moving to the United States, North Dakota to be more specific, running my own wrestling promotion may just be part of my future plans...(but I'll have to ask my wife first). I stand up and commend those who take the time and spend the money to run shows in a business that most times will turn very little if any profit.

* Finally, while still involved in the business, I have not wrestled a match in over a year but see my name popping up now and again on this site in a favourable way. It's always nice to be remembered...thank you.

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