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On the road again,making music with my friends...
by Dan Titus on 2003-02-18

Actually I changed my mind. The Willie Nelson tribute column will be next week, but tea and toast will still be served in the drawing room as scheduled.

Had the chance to take a pair of wrestling related road trips recently, alongside fellow Ma...[More]

Sorry, The WWE Show in Winnipeg Didn't Suck
by Adam Knight on 2003-02-18

I'm sorry, but it didn't.

I attended the WWE event at the Winnipeg Arena on Feb. 15 like several thousand opther people. Like many of them I paid for my ticket (call me a mark, I dare you) and like the vast majority I enjoyed the show.

Athletic Commissions are no better then Iraq
by Moondog Manson on 2003-02-18

There has always been the attitude from the US government that their shit don't stink. It doesn't matter if it is the President of the United States or some Roadie for the Athletic Commissions. Now I am not saying all Government officials are like this, b...[More]

EXCLUSIVE: RCW "very dangerous", future of wrestling in Manitoba threatened, says former booker
by on 2003-02-18

Tod Bullet grew up watching AWA wrestling and was able to live his dream. He wrestled for River City Wrestling and CWF/NWA in Winnipeg as a midcard attraction from 1993 until 2002, as a rookie being pounded by the likes of Sgt Steele and Eddie Watts befor...[More]

by Marty Goldstein on 2003-02-11

The death of Curt Hennig is another in a series of shocks over the past few years to those of us who are of his generation. Hennig was one of the most respected and popular in-ring performers of his time, a second-generation superstar who was part of a gr...[More]

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