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ET CETERA - Jay takes a look at the split - and gives it the finger.
by Jay Spree on 2002-03-28

Well, looks like Iím over my pre-Mania PMT and back to the grind. Fan apathy or elaborate swerve? YOU DECIDE! (Hint: I never got bored of my best of Flair tape.)

Really not much going on with me Ė Iíve been pretty much living at my girlfriendís h...[More]

Dave's not here,man.
by Dan Titus on 2002-03-26

Maybe some people are right in that I have been a tad over critical of what I see.Perhaps I'm just jaded(Jjjjjjjaded, you got your mamas style, but you're yesterdays child,Jjjjjjaded. Fuck, that was the first song on the radio when I turned on the radio t...[More]

Who let the marks into the business?
by Moondog Manson on 2002-03-26

I really wish I didnít have to write this today but after hearing the shit I heard I think it is time for me to open my big mouth yet once again. I had a (well for me and my fun level) successful road trip to the island this weekend. It did get cut short ...[More]

by Marty Goldstein on 2002-03-26

How The Wrestling Universe Evolved

I am writing this while watching the WM 18 classic, here is my watching the tape here in the studio with Tony Schiavone analysis. My measuring stick is the Rogers-O'Conner title match. It had all the...[More]

ET CETERA - Jay is BACK. But is he going to stay?
by Jay Spree on 2002-03-21

So then, Iím ďbackĒ.

Two weeks ago, I voiced my frustration with the WWF product, and not even In protest, but sheer exhaustion with it, took some time off wrestling. I figured that, without the ďpressureĒ (such as it is) of having to write about...[More]

EXCLUSIVE New Jack shoot comments on Vic Grimes/XPW Freefall incident
by Marty Goldstein on 2002-03-16

"Please, please, print this on the internet, Marty." New Jack, March 6/02.

Over 2000 fans attended the Grand Olympic Auditorium on Feb. 23 in Los Angeles, drawn by 2 gimmick matches at XPW Freefall.

They were outraged when the lights wen...[More]

Things are going to change - BIG TIME
by Moondog Manson on 2002-03-14

Well I am taking time out of my busy schedule to do some updates to my website. I think they are long over due. I have been so busy lately mostly thanks to people ripping me off for hard earned work. Most of you probably do not know them but I am going to...[More]

The same, only different.
by Dan Titus on 2002-03-12

Anyone ever been so bored they turn the volume down and their TV and improvise their own dialogue to episodes of Coronation Street? This was my entertainment on my day off, I present this as testimony of a diseased mind:

Dave: Hi ho cheerio and t...[More]

ET CETERA - Jay loses his smile...for good?
by Jay Spree on 2002-03-05

Iím pretty notorious for disappearing at a momentís notice and taking couple weeks off.

Just like last week.

Well, last week (an this week, come to think of it), I was actually working on an assignment. Important stuff, this college bus...[More]

The high pitched instrument of your destruction.
by Dan Titus on 2002-03-05

So,here I was at Max corner store in Nanaimo,trying to make the decision whether to buy a diet coke with lemon, or apple juice(For some reason, the apple juice was a dollar more) when all of a sudden, I looked up and saw...No, it was not the girl of my dr...[More]

News and Notes from Winnipeg
by Marty Goldstein on 2002-03-05

A recent quick 5 day trip home turned into a true 12 day rodeo, as Dirty Dan Denton and I changed gears, hit the town and produced a short film about the views of Winnipeggers about the relationship between Canada and the USA. We are finishing a rough cut...[More]

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