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Mama warned you about me.
by Dan Titus on 2001-12-31

Allow me to make something very clear, so as not to have any misunderstanding. Matter of fact,bring your beady little eyes as close to the screen as they can get. I will only say this once:

Today is Dec 31st, and if you have bid anyone goodbye by...[More]

Dutch Savage Interview - Part 1
by Marty Goldstein on 2001-12-30

[Many of my earliest recollections of pro wrestling on TV involve Dutch Savage. He was an intense and intellectual interview, and he rode that charisma and his in-ring skills around the world. His time overlapped with the careers of many of my favorite to...[More]

When an Honest Promoter Meets a Crooked Commission...
by Marty Goldstein on 2001-12-25

On a recent trip to Winnipeg, Bruiser Bastein and I were guests of CWF owner Ernie Todd and booker Gene Swan at a card held at the Sherbrook Hotel. This brought back a flood of forgotten memories of the early 90's.


Mangler's Memoirs:They Only Come Out During the Holidays
by Marcus Madison on 2001-12-24

This weeks edition of the memoirs will be a treat to anyone who loves christmas. I will take a look at several different wrestlers and see where they fit on this special day. To many this is a day of giving, sharing, spiking the egg nog and being with ...[More]

Merry Traditional Christmas
by The NWG on 2001-12-21

Merry Christmas.

As I sit here getting ready for free stuff and food, and preparing for a new year, I think about how long it's been since I wrote an article. And the excuses I can use to expla...[More]

by Dan Titus on 2001-12-20

Not even three weeks in, and Chris Jericho is already looking like a weak champion. Two days after becoming "Undisputed Champion" at Vengeance,he does the job in a tag match to RVD. A few days later, he loses by DQ to RVD again. Does the WWF have any i...[More]

by Dan Titus on 2001-12-17

As I type this,its 4:30pm on Monday afternoon. I'll watch Raw tonight, but I'm predicting the show won't be worthwhile. Funny,huh? Go ahead, see if I ain't right. Since wrestling sucks right now, I'll make do with this.However, expect a year end wrap o...[More]

House of Pain & ECCW
by Terry Joe Silverspoon on 2001-12-16

Well maybe not the latest and greatest news but news none the less. So here we go. The House of Pain going into it's fourth year of opperations, with the graduation of the third class of graduates. 2002 just around the corner. With some minor set back...[More]

A Week Around the Business of Dreams
by Marty Goldstein on 2001-12-13

It was 2 years ago today, December 11, that I drove out of Winnipeg to establish an office in BC. I have since put on 55,000KM plus rentals, flights, cabs and rides. 7 days ago I skidded on the icy sidewalk of Winnipeg Airport to head back to LA via Chica...[More]

Moondog Bites
by Moondog Manson on 2001-12-13

Well I know it has been awhile since I last wrote one of these. Now it is just trying to find the time. I have more then enough to talk about. In fact I have about 5 shows of info to ram down your throat. Where to start, how about a few weeks back when I ...[More]

The Making of a Pro-Wrestler
by Ric Drasin on 2001-12-12

The making of a Pro Wrestler takes a special kind of person who has the heart and drive to put themselves through rigorous training, abuse and punishment. Most people have no desire and would shy away from such a thing. I have mentioned to people in the...[More]

Ringside Shadows #186: The Tuesday Review for 12/11/01
by drqshadow on 2001-12-12

Ringside Shadows #186: The Tuesday Review for 12/11/01

Well, the WWF had their work basically cut out for them this week. Coming off mixed reviews regarding the previous night's pay per view event, Vengeance, in which Chris Jericho finally shatte...[More]

Mangler's Memoirs:The 3-point turn pt 2 and we found Val!
by Marcus Madison on 2001-12-11

This weeks edition of the memoirs is part two of our the third quarter review of the world of "wrasslin". So where were we...oh yes. As we left off the WWF has mis-utilized it's talent, fired off a few angles that just did not have any direction, and I...[More]

I have no journalistic integrity.At all.
by Dan Titus on 2001-12-11

If there's one thing that's been irritating me about the WWF as of late,its the fact that bonafide tag teams like Edge and Christian, and the Hardys are being dismantled in favor of superstar teamups, or teams not meant to be together for more than one...[More]

The World's Greatest WWF Vengeance Preview
by drqshadow on 2001-12-09

The World's Greatest WWF Vengeance Preview

drq: Let all the sweet, sweet soul brothers unite, for it's time for the World's Greatest crew to get their preview on for the first ever WWF Vengeance PPV. As always, this twinkle in the everyman...[More]

Not a Book Review of Pure Dynamite
by Marty Goldstein on 2001-12-06

I first met Tommy Billington at the Stampede Pavilion on March 20th, 1989. This would fit in around page 163. He was in the back with Harley Race having a fortified soda. It was the last vestiges of the old territories, when I think about it I think on...[More]

Ringside Shadows #185: The Tuesday Review for 12/4/01
by drqshadow on 2001-12-05

Ringside Shadows #185: The Tuesday Review for 12/4/01

Coming off the crumpled mess that was last week's program, the regular Monday Night patrol wouldn't have had...[More]

Mangler's Memoirs:The 3-point turn and where's Val?
by Marcus Madison on 2001-12-05

This weeks edition of the memoirs is way past due. Hey sue me I have been busy! I am now putting up my third quarter review, the first part that is. New column name and a new look..a fr...[More]

ET CETERA - RAW is PORN? Oh hell yeah.
by Jay Spree on 2001-12-05

Hey yo, one and all. Or, since we’re in December now, that should probably be “Hey yo ho ho”.

Apologies once again for my absence last week – it’s coming up on crunch time for my coursework, and there’s an awful lot I should have done all tha...[More]

What is a Mark?
by Ric Drasin on 2001-12-05

In essence, we are all ‘Marks’ in some form. When we go to a movie, aren’t we marks for the film and the actors? We know it’s not real and it’s special effects, but we are taken in by the story and the visual and we want to believe that it’s real for...[More]

I'm ok, you're a dumb fuck.
by Dan Titus on 2001-12-04

Welcome to the latest edition of Titus Talks, or as I like to call it "Dan,The Magazine For Less Inspired Readers.

You'll have to pardon your friendly neighbourhood columnist, yes, there will be several rants oncoming. Since you are already ...[More]

The King is dead...
by Jeff Ranger on 2001-12-04

No, not Jerry Fucking Lawler.

Lawler can kiss my ass. With every passing day, he reminds me how much I miss (and now apparently will always miss) the work of Stampede Wrestling's own Ed Whalen.

Last night,...[More]

My ramblings
by Jodie Williams on 2001-12-03

Has anyone else seen the correlation between The King coming back to the WWF and the woman’s division taking a nosedive back into hell? While I will admit that Lawler has his moments, But the other 95% of the times that I see, or better yet, hear him, ...[More]

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