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XPW Fire Mishap Avoidable
by Marty Goldstein on 2001-06-30

XPW wrestler Supreme ended his Saturday night passed out on painkillers after being taken to a Los Angeles hospital with second degree burns.
Until the flam...[More]

Interview with Former ECW star Nova
by Marcus Madison on 2001-06-25

--Who influenced you to follow professional wrestling?

i was a big fan of Hogan as a kid, and got into it cause so many people told me i couldnt do it...


Interview with Dan Severn
by Marcus Madison on 2001-06-25

-Who influenced you to follow organized competition?

I have been an athlete all my life. If I were to say someone, it would be an older brother.

-How long have...[More]

The Greatest AWA TV Singles Bouts
by Marty Goldstein on 2001-06-25

We continue to analyze the basic aspects of the "annual AWA TV angle" as sarcastically described by Dave Meltzer. An angle every 3 months was more like it, and it worked most of the time because a) the market was exposed to a limited amount of pro wrestli...[More]

Interview with Legend George Steele
by Marcus Madison on 2001-06-19

-Do you think wrestling is missing something today, that it may have had when you competed?

A. The wrestling business today is not the same as it was in 1962 when I started. The athlet...[More]

Interview with Former WCW star Kim Kanner
by Marcus Madison on 2001-06-19

-Who influenced you to follow professional wrestling?

My father was a Pro-Wrestler, so I was around wrestlers all my life.

If you could re-create the "Shakir...[More]

Interview with ECW star Amish Roadkill
by Marcus Madison on 2001-06-19

When did you decide you wanted to become a wrestler?

When I was about eight years old.

-How long have you been wrestling professionally?


The Territory That Could Have Been pt.2
by Marty Goldstein on 2001-06-19

The Story Behind the Story So Far

The story of how a Winnipeg wrestling production even got to the point of being recruited to run shows in the Maritim...[More]

The Territory That Could Have Been pt.1
by Marty Goldstein on 2001-06-18

In 1996 there were zero fulltime wrestling promotions and only 10 or so spots shows a year in the Maritimes. Some very good workers in the area and indeed, all of Canada had no where ...[More]

My First Match
by Marty Goldstein on 2001-06-13

June 19th is the anniversary of my first match. Boy, 21 years flies by when you have spent it on ice roads, fighting corrupt commissions, bailing your buddies out of jams, and generally tilting at windmills.

My life had been tossed upside down...[More]

AWA TV Tag Team Classics
by Marty Goldstein on 2001-06-11

5 AWA TV Tag Team Classics

Like Jim Cornette,I remember risking life and limb to adjust the TV roof antenna to improve reception from a distant ...[More]

About our fathers
by Marty Goldstein on 2001-06-10

My own father had a mixed opinion of wrestling. In the 50's when even the CBC carried Whipper Watson matches ( til they decided it was beneath their standards), he watched along with ...[More]

XPW review
by Marty Goldstein on 2001-06-07

The operation that I saw behind the scenes at XPW was quite unlike any I've seen before.It mixed the best qualities of the wrestling and live event (concert)businesses, with little op...[More]

Old building has new life
by Marty Goldstein on 2001-06-04

I rode to the XPW card at the Grand Olympic Auditorium on Saturday with my friend steve Rizzono, baldy Vic Grimes, Pogo the Clown ( Joe Applebaum) and ring announcer Ron Head. This was my first visit to the legendary hall, and the history lesson begins st...[More]

A mark for an old building
by Marty Goldstein on 2001-06-01

The first live wrestling card I saw was in June 1968. The AWA show was probably promoted by Al Tomko,(Alex Turk had stopped bringing in the Vancouver talent like Don Leo or Dr.Jerry in 1966), and it ended up having a lasting impression on my life. The fir...[More]

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