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I often stop and giggle insanely when I behave like a jerk.
by Dan Titus on 2001-10-30

People have often told me the first step in dealing with a problem is to admit you have it. Right now, my soul is tormented by feelings of regret and shame. Last night, I...I...I used the term "Yummalicious" to describe a woman. I'm just coming to grip...[More]

The Epitaph: Wrestling Made Easy
by Marcus Madison on 2001-10-29

This weeks edition of the epitaph was inspired by a group of writers who know who they are. They triggered a retrospective look at the growing age of wrestling and what you need to know and what you should know in order to survive a great wrestling deb...[More]

How To Start a New Life in Wrestling Without Really Trying
by Marty Goldstein on 2001-10-28

I realized this morning that it was 2 years ago this weekend that the expansion of my business from Winnipeg, which has now landed me in sunny California, was really set in motion. And as with many things in my life, pro wrestling was at the focal point o...[More]

The Bluebird of Frickin' Happiness
by Sam Halsall on 2001-10-28

Dan Titus makes a fairly valid point -- not to mention a commonly-echoed one -- in his latest article. An alarming number of fans are losing interest in the offerings of the Big Three-in-One, and no other promotions have yet stepped up to the plate as...[More]

My own "Tough Enough" - Adventures in Officiating
by Brandon Smith on 2001-10-27

Before I get too far, props to Maven for winning the Tough Enough Championship...Willamette Valley represent, foo!

Anyways, school has been a hoot as always. The latest thrill ride for me has been ref training. That's right, Brandon is on zebra duty....[More]

Just read the damn thing...
by Dan Titus on 2001-10-23

I'm starting to lose interest in wrestling at such a rapid pace, I'm really considering giving up this column space. Maybe from now on I'll copy the Ross Report and pass it off as my own work. The funniest part to me is when JR is talking about some de...[More]

Backstabbing in the Indy Promotions
by Ric Drasin on 2001-10-23

Going back as far as the early 1970ís when I ran my first promotion there was a jealousy and pettiness among promoters that destroyed a lot of independents. I started wrestling in 1965 at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles and at that time the Olympic ...[More]

Bodybuilding vs. Pro-Wrestling
by Ric Drasin on 2001-10-23

Everytime I step foot out the door, I am approached by someone who say's, "you're a Wrestler aren't you"? Kid's run up for autographs as do Adults and the older generation for their kids. It's fun and I enjoy giving them out. But to get to that point in W...[More]

When the Athletic Commission was in Force!
by Ric Drasin on 2001-10-23

A decade ago there was a force known as the State Athletic Commission. They had jurisdiction over Boxing Events and Pro Wrestling Events. The commission had good points and bad points about them. It was not unlike Screen Actors Guild of today for Actors. ...[More]

The Epitaph: The Great White Hope
by Marcus Madison on 2001-10-21

The belief that Jericho was simply going to walk into the company in '99 and take over the thrown as the next messiah of the company was a bit unfair. During his stay with the old regime of WCW it was quite clear that he had the potential for being the...[More]

Halloween Comes Early
by The NWG on 2001-10-19

Yes, just like I promised last's time for a special Halloween Comes Early edition of Traditionally Yours. Before we get into the eery Halloween Stuff, let's look back to the NWA 53rd.

Tony Kozina missed the show due to car troubles, and ...[More]

Loyalty and Ass Kissers
by Terry Joe Silverspoon on 2001-10-17

In the wrestling business I have noted two very dominate forces. Ass kissing and loyalty.
Ass kissing is probabaly best. Why? Well everybody loves an Ass Kisser. Then again Ass Kissers are fair weather friends, there when you can do for them, gon...[More]

Our readers are inbred morons.
by Dan Titus on 2001-10-16

Is anyone else starting to lose faith in wrestling? It's starting to happen to me. Maybe I'm just jaded from watching too much over the years, but its getting harder and harder to keep my interest. Think of how sad that is. The Invasion angle was suppo...[More]

Investigative Report - 7-11
by Moondog Manson on 2001-10-15

Well here it is...the article where I describe how 7-11 is wrestlers best friend. You see, there is one thing you can guarantee, there is always one 7-11 in each town you wrestle in. I some times think that is how promotions decide to book shows is on the...[More]

MANSON SAID "no more all cap titles"
by Dan Titus on 2001-10-09

I was browsing thru the newstand on Thanksgiving Monday,looking for something to stimulate my reading interest. Sheesh, Martha Stewart has a magazine, Oprah has one, Rosie O'Donnell has one (And if God is a merciful being, there won't be a centerfold) ...[More]

The Epitaph: Aristocrats from Above(pt.2)
by Marcus Madison on 2001-10-08

This weeks edition of the epitaph is part 2 in our look at the high fliers of the sport in the nineties. These men have taken flight into a whole new direction. Their leaps are higher, further and involve a great deal more risk. So without further ado,...[More]

Silverspoons Circus of Useless Misfits
by Terry Joe Silverspoon on 2001-10-08

Shit I'm so sick of all of the local B.S. All of it ASW/ECCW/ICW..Oh I hear rumblings about Flower packing it in, closing ICW. I just can't see Flowers rolling over and playing dead, I know this man all to well. If he's packed it in there has got to b...[More]

Corino retiring with useless NWA belt
by B. Brian Burke on 2001-10-07

For all the bellyaching this past summer about my earlier columns calling into question the viability of the continuing relationship of ECCW with the NWA and the CWF in Winnipeg, recent events have more than proven my point. With friends like these who ne...[More]

Bored Mumblings on No Mercy
by The NWG on 2001-10-07

Well, I just got home from a buddies house, watching the Canucks game (we lost 4-1 to Detroit...dang it). Now, with some free time, I'll make up some random stuff to talk about.

First off, I want to apologize to the staff and wrestlers of ECCW. ...[More]

Interview with Afa the Wild Samoans
by Marcus Madison on 2001-10-04

Q. Do you think wrestling is missing something today, that it may have had when you first began to compete? A. Wrestling has changed in many ways from my day of the 1980s. As with anything, you give the fan's what they want. I have always been fro...[More]

Interview with Samu of the Headshrinkers
by Marcus Madison on 2001-10-04

QUESTION: During your time with the WWF, you were involved in several feuds. How do you feel, the company could have done a better job promoting you?

ANSWER: I don't know I think they had it easy with our gimmick, cause it was a natural gimm...[More]

A Canadian View from the USA
by Marty Goldstein on 2001-10-04

I have read a lot of material from home about Canadian reaction to the recent terrorist attack on the USA, and what Canada should do or not do as the case may be. I would like to return to filing stories about pro wrestling, but first I feel I have ...[More]

Drunken Party Memories
by Moondog Manson on 2001-10-03

Well I just celebrated my 25th birthday and I did it in style, well at least until I was to drunk to remember who and where I was. Turning 25 is a rough thing to do. This is the point I realize...hey I have so much still to do better settle down and do it...[More]

A deep article probing into the wrestling fans psyche.
by Dan Titus on 2001-10-02

Wrestling fans all have jobs right? Well, I assume so,anyway.Something has to maintain our diet of pizza pops and month old Doritos. Anyway, there's always instances where we have to improve or maintain our performance, or either risk losing the job,or...[More]

AWA Flashback - The Announcers
by Marty Goldstein on 2001-10-01

In past columns I have described the social setting of the 60's and 70's, that made what now seems like a bland and simple production of pro wrestling, AWA style, a compelling weekly must-watch. The athletes were larger than life (Crusher), recognized ama...[More]

When Sportz Entertainment Takes Over...
by The NWG on 2001-10-01

Over the past few weeks, I've read articles and chatted with people on IRC who have been complaining about the new comedic roles, namely The Hurricane, in the WWF. They say that Helms should've said no to his comedy role, and tried to get over as a wr...[More]

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