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Manson, post this...
by Dan Titus on 2002-01-30

I'm really not sure if this column will be worth the ten minutes work I'm going to put into it, but C'est le vie. Why am I telling yo this? Because I have the password for posting and you don't.

The WWF put up a pretty decent show this week, maki...[More]

ET CETERA - You can't spell "InVasion" without "nWo". Kinda.
by Jay Spree on 2002-01-30

Well, I’m back at university, and we’re knee deep in Monkey Ball. It is, without a doubt, one of the finest multiplayer experiences of, um, all multiplayer experiences. I would heartily recommend a night of curry, beer, and monkeys in spheres hurtling aro...[More]

ET CETERA - More on the WWF in Japan. Educate yourself, fools.
by Jay Spree on 2002-01-24

I’m feeling a little down this week, so I’m gonna cut the obligatory preamble and get straight to the obligatory chase.

Since I got such a good response to it last week, and since they’ve announced the official card for the shows (and since I rea...[More]

A Month of Travel, A Lifetime of Memories
by Marty Goldstein on 2002-01-24

The past 30 days have been very remarkable, as my new career has taken me to Vancouver, Los Angeles, Utah, around Southern California, encompassing the screening of BC BODYSLAMS and 6 wrestling cards as well.

When in Vancouver over the h...[More]

...Like a dingbat out of hell.
by Dan Titus on 2002-01-22

Nothing snaps me out of a perfectly good canned ravioli induced haze quicker than Jim Ross describing Chuck and Billy going over on Kane and Big Show as an "Upset". Why is it an upset? Big Show jobs every goddamn week, are our jaws supposed to hit the flo...[More]

The World's Greatest Royal Rumble Preview
by drqshadow on 2002-01-20

The World's Greatest Royal Rumble Preview

drq: Comin' at ya more reliably than those Castrol Syntex commercials in the middle of RAW, it's time for the World's Greatest preview team to rear back, juice up those salival glands, and take a...[More]

ET CETERA - Wanna know how the WWF's Japanese tour is gonna go?
by Jay Spree on 2002-01-17

It seems astonishing, but there is surprisingly little to actually talk about this week. Well, anything that doesn’t revolve around Hall, Nash, Hogan, or the letters “n” “W” and “o”.

I’m really, really, REALLY loathe to write a column about t...[More]

Does your bum itch when you poo-poo?
by Dan Titus on 2002-01-15

Be warned:They chopped my hours at work for the next month, so I have a little extra time on my hands, since I'm only working three days a week till February. It's not that bad ,though. I've established a fulfilling social life. Yesterday, I got up at ...[More]

Want some candy,little girl?
by Dan Titus on 2002-01-11

Ya know, maybe I've watched too many Oliver Stone films, or it's indigestion,or perhaps even the impending return of El Nino (No,dumbass wrestling fan, thats not a luchadore, El Ninos are associated with increased rainfall across the east-central and e...[More]

Of Fallen Heros
by Marty Goldstein on 2002-01-10

Professional wrestling has the unique quality of touching lives. Recently 2 deaths of childhood heroes, one passing recent ans the other over 30 years ago, have crossed the path of my life.

I had remarked recently about how many wrestlers who wer...[More]

ET CETERA - So, you wanted to see my girlfriend, huh?
by Jay Spree on 2002-01-09

Ahhhh. You hear that, my friends? That is the sound of inevitability…

Actually, that’s not what I was going to say – I was going to say “that is the sound of vindication”, but I’ve just got round to watching the Matrix Revisited… and the illu...[More]

by Dan Titus on 2002-01-07

Do you realize the Royal Rumble will end an approximate 6 week lag in between PPV's? We get so many, that this seems like an eternity. Now, you would think with that kinda gap, the WWF would be working overtime to build up the card, and more importantl...[More]

ET CETERA - The only wrestling column with no added wrestling content.
by Jay Spree on 2002-01-03

Ho ho phuckk’n ho, Merry New Year, Good Will Hunting to all men and all that shiz.

Welcome one and welcome all, to the first 2002 instalment of your favourite (non-Scott Keith) column and mine, Et Cetera.

I’d waste everyone’s time b...[More]

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