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Ringside Shadows #184: The Tuesday Review for 11/27/01
by drqshadow on 2001-11-28

Ringside Shadows #184: The Tuesday Review for 11/27/01

I should really start calling this "The Wednesday Review", since I never have time to write these until Wednesday, ...[More]

So, You wanna be a promoter?
by Ric Drasin on 2001-11-28

Ever wonder how to start your own wrestling federation? If so, Ric Drasin is kind enough to supply a capsule handbook on the art, which has been modified for reproduction here:

"Itís not as easy as it looks or more people would be successful at i...[More]

Greetings from Jendell...
by Dan Titus on 2001-11-27

I am letting it be known that I fully plan to launch legal proceeding against the Carling O'Keefe brewing company as soon as possible. Last night, I had a charbrolied hamburger and fries, and washed it down with a pair of Mr O'Keefe's usually fine qual...[More]

ASW at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds: A review
by Jeff Ranger on 2001-11-25

Well, that was well worth the trip out to the sticks.

It had been ages since I was out in Cloverdale to see wrestling, ages since I had written of Tim Flowerís moribund International Championship Wrestling (ICW). When word arrived that ...[More]

Go Outside and Play!
by Sam Halsall on 2001-11-24

There's nothing quite as entertaining as a backyard wrestler. Or at least, watching Dan Titus take the piss out of one.

At a wrestling show about a month ago, Dan got into an argument with local backyard wrestler New Ladies' Choice. We would ...[More]

ET CETERA - Smart fans are fickle, aren't you?
by Jay Spree on 2001-11-22

Well, SmarkDVD is gone, and Iím back to only having to do one writeup a week. Hopefully, this should encourage me to update regularly and on time, although as I write this, Iím already a day late. Still, just ...[More]

Ringside Shadows #183: The Tuesday Review for 11/20/01
by drqshadow on 2001-11-21

Ringside Shadows #183: The Tuesday Review for 11/20/01

They say life works in cycles, and I suppose this is all the proof you really need. Somehow, after all the criticis...[More]

A column,ok?
by Dan Titus on 2001-11-20

First off, Manson's been whining about the length of my titles, so I opted to take the minimalist approach to placate him. It's really funny, I devote an entire column to women I wanna slip the hot beef injection to, and he complains about the length o...[More]

The World's Greatest WWF Survivor Series Preview
by drqshadow on 2001-11-17

The World's Greatest WWF Survivor Series Preview

drq: What in the world is in that room?! Thanks for showin' us what chu got, and welcome to the World's Greatest WWF Survivor Series Preview, where the only two original playaz left i...[More]

by Jay Spree on 2001-11-16

Hello and welcome, once again.

Deepest apologies for my prolonged absence Ė essays and projects and all that. Iím actually pretty burned out Ė take today for example; having worked all night and gone to bed around 4:30, I got up for a four-h...[More]

Living the Dream...
by The NWG on 2001-11-14

First off, I just wanted to say that I thought the last ECCW show was very good, and wanted to congraulate the people on a good show. It was great to get a chance to meet Madison, Ray (after so long) and Scotty Mac during the show. It also ruled to f...[More]

Moondog Bites
by Moondog Manson on 2001-11-13

Well this one is a shocker and some thing totally out of the blue. I some how am booked to work shots for ECCW. This is odd for several reasons. Mostly I have up until a few days ago sworn to never work for them ever again. Secondly I see lots of things w...[More]

Step in to my Ring of Knowledge
by Ric Drasin on 2001-11-12

I was just reading some articles on old school vs. new school wrestling and feel I need to make this comment.

I am strictly 'Old School' starting when I began in 1965. Too many people exposed t...[More]

If I knew it was gonna be this kinda party, I would have put my dick in the mashed potato's.
by Dan Titus on 2001-11-10

I would like to begin this column by answering a question posed to me by Marty Goldstein on the forum.

The question was: "How many backyard wrestlers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?". The answer is simple: Three. One to screw...[More]

The Epitaph: Tales of the Scorched Earth
by Marcus Madison on 2001-11-10

"Farewell goodnight last one out turn out the lights and let me be, let me die inside". (Smashing Pumpkins..."Mellon Collie....")

These words echo in my head on the greatest day of the year next to devils night, hallow's eve!


Best Wishes for All
by Terry Joe Silverspoon on 2001-11-05

This artical may be a little premature, it's not quite the new year. Some interesting developments in the local area. Tim Flowers giving up Cloverdale was quite a shock to me. Personally I find it hard to believe that Tim would shut down ICW. As you...[More]

Injuries in Bodybuilding & Wrestling
by Ric Drasin on 2001-11-03

Everyone has suffered an injury of sorts over time and it has limited their performance in sports or everyday living. In bodybuilding torn muscles are more common now than ever. This is mainly because of the use of steroids and steroid 'like' substances...[More]

Is Wrestling Fake?
by Ric Drasin on 2001-11-03

The standard question when you meet someone and tell them that youíre a Wrestler is, "Oh, Wrestling is fake". "You guys donít really fall do you?" What a stupid question. No we donít really fall, you just imagine thatís what youíre seeing. See weíre stil...[More]

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