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Moondog Manson
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Who let the marks into the business?
by Moondog Manson on 2002-03-26

I really wish I didn’t have to write this today but after hearing the shit I heard I think it is time for me to open my big mouth yet once again. I had a (well for me and my fun level) successful road trip to the island this weekend. It did get cut short one day but I had a blast. I chatted with several of the wrestlers got to listen to some of the stuff going around them and such and tried to share my advice about breaking in with them. Now before I go into the situation I think I will break down what it is I am trying to talk about (and also remind you this was all second hand info, which may be false but it is a prime example of the BS being displayed these days):

Mark - Noun
13.Slang. A person who is the intended victim of a swindler; a dupe.

Now with this Displayed right from I would like to show you how this dictionary term must be edited to fit into the wrestling world. The term mark is used widely amongst the boys and now even the fans. What it generally means is the “Wrestling Fans”, but is also used as an insult from time to time.

Now I know you are all wondering why I am talking about Marks…well it seems that there is a certain group of Marks who has infiltrated the wrestling business and now seem to think they are superstars. I honestly can’t believe how bad the wrestling business has gotten over the past year.

This has to be the most ridiculous thing I have heard this week, ECCW greenhorns bailing on a House of Pain show to go pay money to watch an ASW show. Now before you all get all hot and bothered and think I am bashing ASW, think again. I my self would of gone to the show had I been in the area, the difference is I would expect professional courtesy. Now it works like Club Courtesy, you work for some thing in the industry and you get let in for free. Even when I was having problems with ECCW and wasn’t working for them I was let in the building for free. The only time you should pay is if you are up to no good and need to come in and not be noticed (even then you should use better judgment and not come).

Now promoters shouldn’t be charging the boys to come into events, charge their friends just not them. We all work in the business together and should be treating each other like so.

I do how ever value a promotions right to refuse entry to any workers they may have heat with.

I guess what I am trying to say is I haven’t jerked off on enough greenhorns as of late. I shall kick up the terrorization of these marks that some how managed to get trained and are in the business now. Start acting like workers and not like marks. How many times must we see you guys holding hands off to the side of the buildings watching the matches, or better yet sitting in the front row. You are fucking wrestlers; you should be acting like super heroes to the fans.

You marks can have your opinions, you can voice them, but in all honesty…what you want or think don’t mean shit, you guys are just a few more kids trying to be some thing you are not. I might be hard on you but in all honesty I just want you to have a chance to succeed and earn respect. Of course my comments here have disturbed a few more of you, which you will call bookers and cry, go on my forum and pout and tell me how wrong I am. I don’t give a shit; the real boys don’t give a shit

Fear me in your sleep; you never know when I will be cumming.

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