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Moondog Manson
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Things are going to change - BIG TIME
by Moondog Manson on 2002-03-14

Well I am taking time out of my busy schedule to do some updates to my website. I think they are long over due. I have been so busy lately mostly thanks to people ripping me off for hard earned work. Most of you probably do not know them but I am going to list them here in hopes you can spread the word around to any one who may know them to warn them not to trust them.

First on my list is what used to be a friend of mine, I have worked for him at an after-hours and created him a website that blew his old one away. His name is Malcolm Charles and he is a local DJ to Vancouver. He currently owes me $1300 and I am in the process of collecting it. I know it is my fault for letting it get this high but when you think he is your friend and keeps showing that he is trying to pay it you do not worry. Now he has locked me out of his site, stolen all of my work, and is acting like a kid.

Now the second set of chumps on my list is a couple of guys, both whom I believe is to be photographers. Their names are Glenn Solomon and JP Erickson. These guy contracted me to do work for them, through there own negligence they had to stop the project and claim I should just let there outstanding bill $550 be forgiven. They seem to think I am a fool; they seem to think it is my fault (though I have written word they said it was there fault); they seem to think I am going away.

Well one thing these thieves (a term I can use since they have all stolen my time and content) don’t seem to understand is I am going to get my money and I will make their lives miserable in the process.

See this has me all pissed off and stressed, I have honestly been trying my hardest to make a return to wrestling on a more regular schedule, and even been planning on trying to find more tours. Now when you have to starve for a week or two thanks to these marks you can see where my anger comes from. It is the same anger I used to hit Dirtymoney with that Baseball Bat in Port Alberni, it is the same anger I use to haze in rookie bouncers at Studio 54, and it is the same anger I use to sodomize ring rats with.

Speaking of Sodomizing Ring Rats, how come there is so many toothpicks training to be wrestlers these days. I am not really pissed off at these guys but they should clue in. The way to make it at this sport is to gain weight and show respect. I have been too nice to these guys and the shit is going to hit the fan…from now on my bag will be carried in and out of the building by you so called “click” members. Not only will you carry my bag but also you will lace up my boots and carry all the other guys’ bags that have been around for some time. You will also pass on any rats you may see so that us ”vets” get the first go around, at any point you prove your self we may tag your sorry asses in.

Now where did this whole issues arise from? Well it was when I went to the ECCW website and instead of seeing Canuck, Starr, Prince, Myself, Wrathchild, or any other guy that looks like a wrestler we have pictures of two boys, one looking like a model for Man-Boy love, the other looking like Sabu when he was an over weight back yarder. Just because one of them is the Webmaster of the site now don’t give him the right to drop your photos all over the site and turn it into a boy fed.

I remember the days traveling in the van when Michelle Starr used to say “Welcome to Michelle Starr’s Boy Wrestling” it was a rib back then, and we have done lots to fix that, and in all honesty I am not going to let you make that rib a reality. Expect to be stretched, expect to be ribbed, expect to be molested…expect to be mansonized

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