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EXCLUSIVE New Jack shoot comments on Vic Grimes/XPW Freefall incident
by Marty Goldstein on 2002-03-16

"Please, please, print this on the internet, Marty." New Jack, March 6/02.

Over 2000 fans attended the Grand Olympic Auditorium on Feb. 23 in Los Angeles, drawn by 2 gimmick matches at XPW Freefall.

They were outraged when the lights went out(courtesy of Steve Rizzono) at the conclusion of the Major Gunns vs. Veronica Caine buck nakedmatch. If Veronica was exposed, it was only for a millisecond. Then she was covered up by Rizzono and her heel contingent, the Enterprise.

There was also outrage at the conclusion of the feature bout, when Vic Grimes was beeled off the 40 foot high scaffold. He glanced off tables that were stacked 28 feet high under the scaffold, then dropped to the ropes, bounced off them and lay lifeless in the ring.

Why the outrage that lit up the internet, when the fans saw exactly what XPW promised, a "freefall"? They knew the scaffold was going to be 40 feet high. They knew that the match had to end with one or the other wrestler taking a bump to the mat.

What they didn't know was if it was a work or a shoot. The eerie similarity to the accident that killed Owen Hart, a man crashing to the canvas from a great height, provoked a lot of negative emotion and strong comments from Steve Yohe and other veteran SoCal observers. The shock of the uncontrolled bump was too real for many. Was it planned that way?

The man who launched Grimes airborne, ECW hardcore legend New Jack, comments.

" This all started 2 years ago. Danbury, Ct. A small 25" scaffold. ECW PPV.

It was Vic's idea, and he got scared up there that night. He didn't hurt me, the spot did. Cause he couldn't do it.

He was scared to jump. I pulled him down on me. Did the job in front of my daughter, on PPV. I lost 80% of the sight in my right eye when he landed on me. Cause he can't fuckin' work. He won't sell. Paul E. wanted us both carried out. That asshole walked out with his hands raised and I'm damn near blind on the stretcher.

I'm reminded every day of that MF cause of my eye. He knew somewhere down the line... he knows I don't like him. He's the biggest BS'er in the world.

Nobody liked him in ECW. Vic can't fuckin' work and has a big mouth talkin' shit about me- like when I worked for Bill Behrens (NWA Georgia).
His mouth got him fired in New York.

He came out on the last ECW TV dressed like me, said I OK'd it. I DARED him to come up to me like that.

He got scared up there at Freefall. Why say you do the match and then pussy out of the bump? I thought of hurting him but I care about my freedom more than him. He was in the back getting messed up before the show, then gets scared up there. He's an idiot.

I tossed him just far enough. The tables were there to break his fall. He fucked that up. It was not a soft landing, but that's his own fault. He escaped with his life thanks to me.

He even fucked the angle up, he was signing autographs after the show. Even that angle he fucked up.

I can get through shit with guys and make money. Only Rob Black knows, so please post this shit.

I'm through working Vic Grimes. Never, never again. Don't nobody like him. I am done with Vic Grimes. "

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