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Mangler's Memoirs - Is June Cleaver Among Us?
by Marcus Madison on 2002-08-02

This week's edition of the memoirs we will respond to Pat Hickey's article on the shares of the WWF being for sale. My opinion on the entire article and the possibility of family owned company led me to believe that if this was to take place certain decisions would come from it. We the well informed internet wrestling fans have clearly been aware for sometime that the WWFE stocks have been available to the public to purchase for sometime. The new thoughts that came to mind from it were what the repercussions of such an act are. If the typical nuclear family consisting of husband, wife and 2.2 children was to not only book the talent, what horrible revelations could come from sponsorship as well? In fact if the Molly Polly Sunshine owned our WWF, and ran it the way Dire Straits asked for their "MTV" and returning it to the squeaky clean company we all new loved so well. I shutter to think of the possibilities. For the love of all that is right and good PLEASE make it stop

These ideas now make appear as a farce but if you look to how wrestling appealed to wrestling fans some as few as 13 years ago, is there some truth to it. We live in an age where wrestlers feel they have to work harder to achieve any recognition. The nuclear family oriented wrestling program will do just that. They will not only, reach back into a generation when the line between hero and villain was not so unclear. A time where the idea of entertainment was not a bad thing, but a good thing! An age where wrestling was sweet and innocent, and steroid use was rampant in the media. This was wrestling reached into the hearts of every demographic and made you a fan.

The community run company concept never crossed the mind of author Pat Hickey. What the article did do was open my eyes to the possibility of what could happen. When wrestling reigned supreme in the early part of the eighties what it did was not only making me a fan of the entertainment, it made me a fan of the sport as well. Now as we fast forward about 17 years (man, I think I just aged myself) I am a fan of what is not so evident to the untrained eye, just like so many others. The past worked back then because your target audiences were families and now this is not the case. We can clearly see that the one major promotion has now based their programming and marketing around adults. I ask you what if just what if we were to turn back the clock, reach back in time, and pull a Marty Mcfly (I am running out of interesting things to say here) and see what would happen as silly as this may be if your local neighborhood watch ran the WWF.

Mothers on a Bender

If mothers were left to run the company certain concepts or even ideas might be put into place. They could change the entire face of wrestling. Mother's might see things differently unlike what we are necessarily used to. If for example we would take a "June Cleaver of the 50's and asked her to write one episode of the program, what she might do. In a blink of an eye, all of the now mainstream pudding and Jell-O matches would be a thing of the past. In their place maybe a good and wholesome "pie on a widow cell" match. The first person to say fudge loses. It seems absurd but in actually if this was the case what alternative do adult wrestling fans have. Are there no other alternatives on television? It would almost be as if George Orwell has implementing the "big brother is watching you" idea into our heads. The sick and twisted old school approach is not only dated it is completely, it would not be as effective in today¡¦s society. Unless the fans are conditioned to believe this is what is acceptable.

Moon walking into the 1990's

Although I might hate to relive the 80's it almost seems that this era when wrestling appealed to everyone carried with it a "can't lose" notion to it. The time when Mr. T was a hero, a role model and employed. This was a time where Rock n' Roll and Wrestling walked the isle side by side. The baby faces were loved by all and villains were not. "So whatcha gonna do if we repeat this entire era on you!!!" Once again it is dated and has no place in today's society. It ran its course just like, teased hair and Vanilla Ice. So many things during this time seemed to be all about the sponsors and all about giving the right impression. Really could you picture, Trish in a 3-quarter length dress singing the tune, "Girls just want to have fun"? I ask you this and think the idea in all its absurd glory loses appeal with every second. Did Pat Hickey have this in mind when he was talking about the company selling its shares? What do you think?

Are the Concession stand venders even safe?

The absolute absurdity of this seems ridiculous. If the notion that wrestling fans are left to control silly instances like a what we eat then please just shot us real fans in the head and get it over with. First off would there be no more peanut vender because of the anaphylactic reactions of the children in attendance. Will the athletes be forced to have a curfew and thus sleep comfortably in order to prepare for their next match? Could the idea of 3:00 milk and cookie be served and all the wrestlers to take a mid day nap. Would all arguments and further disagreements be set up as so? All hardcore matches must have the opponents ask for each other's permission first before they hit each other over the head with the new foam bats that surround the ring. Hey at least they asked nicely right?

In the mouth of...
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Marcus Madison.....Can you read through the madness?

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