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Journal 3
by Tony Kozina on 1999-08-09

I just got back from the beach, so since i'm fresh and relaxed I figured now's a fine time to tell of the goings on. I had a blast on the 29th and 30th of July. We had shows in Keremeos B.C. and Penticton, B.C. Penticton was especially rowdy, and I came away with one of my best matches ever as I defeated The Ladies Choice, and Disco Fury in a wild triple threat match. I spent the next day enjoying the fine waterslides in Penticton. I hope to have some photo's of that celebration up here soon. Between two nights in the ring, and one full day of watersliding, my body was a mess. I don't know what does more damage, the ring or the waterslides. On a side note, I was fortunate enough to witness midget sensation, Beautiful Bruce take a face-first plancha whilst chasing some girls in a drunken stupor. I could go on for hours describing his sensational handiwork--that one pivotal moment where he became a God in my eyes. I laughed so hard that I needed help getting into the van so we could leave the scene. This past friday, August 6th I wrestled in a huge show in Vancouver, Washington teaming with Fatu against Billy Two Eagles and Torch. That was a great experience. The crowd was estimated to be at least 3,000. It was an outdoor show too which was cool except for it started raining 30 minutes before the show started. Now, we've had 2 weeks of 80 degree weather, but on friday night at 7pm, as if by magic, the Lord decides it's time for a sprinkle. That's the Northwest for you. It was pretty slick, but a good time none-the-less. Ed Moretti paid me a fine compliment at the show. He made my night. It's compliments from veterans like Ed that let me know i'm doing something right. After the show I took off to Seaside, Oregon with my family for the weekend. I love that place. On a closing note, let me ask what happened to all the really good video games? I go into the seaside arcade, and it's filled with kung-fu kill em games, and $2.00 race car driving games. But where's the Dig Dug? Where's the Joust? Someone find me a Burger Time. I did however spot Galaga, and Donkey Kong hidden in the corner, and i'm not ashamed to say that I spent a good deal of time there. It reminded me of the 7-11 days where we'd have a pyramid of quarters stacked up on the glass of the Mario Bros. game. Ohhhhh, there was one new fancy schmancy game that did kick ass. If you ever get a chance you've gotta play Crazy Taxi. I can't quite describe it, but i'll be damned if I didn't run over and kill everything in my path. It's the greatest game i've seen since Escape from the planet of the Robot Monsters!!!

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