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Journal 6
by Tony Kozina on 1999-10-27

First a thanks to all those who have dropped me an email the past few weeks. I've been really surprised at the number of fans who have read through this website. I've had people write from all over Canada and the US, as well as England!!! It's really blown me away, and I truely appreciate the support. Now onto the antics and what not's...

I had two weeks with no shows, and i've been doing my damndest to hit the gym daily. It was nice beng home for a bit. I had a chance to play my drumkit almost everyday, and try to line up some bookings in the winter months to come. Last weekend I hit the road again and spent my second birthday in a row on the road, as it should be! Had alot of fun too.

The birthday highlight goes to Beautiful Bruce working his magic on the dance platform high atop with the ladies sandwiching him much to his delight. You see, when your 3' 7 your face it at boob level, and Baby Brucie knew exactly what to do God bless his heart. Quick note to Bruce... I realize that you are the size of a toddler, and your breast feeding frenzy on the dancefloor was almost as glorious as you splatting face first while running after Sabrina, Sabrina. But I still stand by my word that crapping your pants in the van was just going too far. I'm just thankful I wasn't in the van for that episode.

I got a chance to wrestle The Black Dragon this past weekend. He made a name for himself in Japan feuding with Ultimo Dragon a few years back, and let me tell you the guy is GOOD!!! In late November I will be facing L'Artist who will be coming from Toronto to challenge me for the Canadian Jr. title. Dave Republic gave me some tapes of his so I could study his style, and take a look at what I would be dealing with. L'Artist is one of the hottest Jr. competitors in eastern Canada, and i'm really pumped for this series of matches with him. Between L'Artist and The Black Dragon, i'll have a good start on my second video tape of greatest matches. The first tape, available through my merchandise link, has had alot of positive feedback from those who've bought it.

I did a photo shoot with the NWA Canadian Jr. title on my time off last week. I also taped some interviews that will hopefully be going up on the multimedia link on this website as well as the ECCW, and NWA websites. My challenges to Logan Caine seem to be falling on deaf ears, so i'm going to make some more noise. It should get interesting in the next few weeks if all goes well. OK, until next time, this is TTK thanking you all for your time, interest, and continued support...

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